We Are a Full-Service Design Company

Our goal at The Fischel Group is to provide our clients with innovative designs, well executed with the power that action brings to the goals of our designs.



Vision, the creative facet of design. We work with you to create a design that represents your company, your mission, and your goals.


Focus is the process of turning the creative into the practical. As we convert the design to code, we work to capture the interest of your visitors in order to convert them to your customers.


Action takes two forms. First, bringing visitors to your newly designed website. Second, converting that visitor to a customer with visually attractive offers. The website is your sales force.

What We Can Do For Your Business

At The Fischel Group we focus on developing websites for internet marketing companies. Creating landing pages, funnel pages, product pages, and more is a specific niche of website design. Our knowledge of what works to convert visitors into clients is extensive. Working with robust designs, proven to create an immediate need, our designs help internet marketers to grow beyond their dreams. Not only do we work on design models, we offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, analytical services, and research services. In short, we furnish the whole package for our clients. Just see what some have said about us.

We Couldn't be Happier...

We couldn't be happier with the work done for us by The Fischel Group. Our small niche publishing company is finally getting the online currency we hoped for.
R.J. TeitelbaumPartner

Wow, Great site and even greater service...

We engaged them to build our affiliate website. It was perfect and then the unthinkable. We found our website had been messed with. As I write this, The Fischel Group is rebuilding our site from the ground up. What great service!
Dr. Roger LewisPartner, Effective Study Tips

Couldn't do it alone.

The Fischel Group came to my rescue when building my blog on progressive education seemed hopeless. With just a few tweaks and some intense SEO I started to get more traffic and get more ad clicks than I ever thought I would. Thanks!
Steven KronerBlogger, Progressive Education Now

Meet the Team

Roger Fischel

Roger is the founding partner of the group. He is involved in all aspects of the firm's work.

Sharon White

Sharon's role in the group is client relations manager. In her spare time, she also helps build websites.

Linda Young

Linda is a crack SEO expert. She does much of the keyword research and monitors all pages for robust SEO.

Mark Bradshaw

Mark is the group's team leader in client development. You'll likely be speaking to him as your project moves forward.

Let's Get Specific...Our Main Services

Complete Website Design and Build

Keyword Research for a full year

SEO Services for a Full Year

Monitoring Analytics for a Full Year

Disaster Coverage for a Full Year

Additional Pages Added at a Reduced Rate

Blog (article) Entries at a Reduced Rate

Training Included for Current Staff 

New Staff Trained at a Reduced Rate

Audio and Video Services 

We Would Love to Talk To You About Your Next Project

We would love to talk with you about your next project. Our team stands ready to help. All we need to start is for you to ask. It is easy enough. Just fill out the form below and we'll start the ball rolling. Of course, there is no obligation on your part.