Bing Ranking for KW Effective Study Tips 7 Nov 2017

For as long as I have been doing SEO strategies to obtain SEO rankings for myself and others, the question often raised is, "Is SEO Dead?" Well, here at The Fischel Group we answer with an emphatic NO! Not only is SEO not dead, but new and interesting SEO rankings are all the rage.

We have been working with a company named Effective Study Tips for the past two months to get their site ranked on major search engines front page. In that two month period, we have experienced a couple of setbacks, one or two glitches and yet Effective Study Tips is ranked for the keyword effective study tips number 3 on both Bing and Yahoo.  You have to love it when a keyword you want to rank for is available as a URL. The evidence for that is the partial screenshots showing the website ranked third on both sites. We have not yet been ranked on Google, although we think it won't be long now. Yes, I know they are small and hard to read. But squint a bit and you'll see that in both screenshots Effective Study Tips is ranked number 3.

SEO Strategies: Why Invest In Them?

It Works

Yahoo ranking for KW effective study tips 7 Nov 2017

That's right, the techniques and SEO rankings work. Sure Google keeps changing their algorithm causing SEO practitioners to scramble to understand the new demands. The thing is, we do learn to cope with change. I'll admit, it is a bit harder to rank on Google than it was a few years ago. That just makes the challenge all the more exciting. The fundamental core of SEO has not changed. Focus on the user and his or her optimal experience and go about your business performing your SEO strategies methodically, rewards are always within reach. 

What is important to remember here is that to achieve SEO rankings one must commit to the process and not squirm with impatience when it takes a while to get ranked on any of the three major search engines. The goal is always achievable because you'll be working harder at the process than your competition.

It Is Seriously Cost Effective

If you compare the cost of SEO strategies with the cost of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, Facebook marketing or purchasing an email list SEO comes out a serious winner. SEO rankings returning organic search visitors to your website is the holy grail of online marketing. Sure PPC returns more revenue and social media is important for your image. But the truth is your ROI is better when searchers come to your website organically, with no other inducement than the fact your site appears among the top ten when a specific search term is entered into the search box.

There is some reason to believe that a visitor clicking on your PPC ad is less likely to buy your product than one who comes to your site through an organic search. We know there are people out there that click on the ads with no intention of buying, rather they are intent on spending your money. If, say, your PPC ads return a sale for every ten clicks and your organic ads produce four buyers for every ten clicks, you are clearly better off with the latter than the former. 

Let me point out that I have nothing against PPC ads. I use them all the time in my business. In the early stages of marketing, they may be the best way to get people to come to your site. Once you are ranked, having a PPC ad presence provides you with a bit of extra credibility. When your organic search pattern is well established, cutting back on PPC ads is important,

You Must Believe Your Competitors are Using SEO Strategies

While it is likely that you won't know if they are or not if you are it won't make much difference. If they are, then do it better. If they aren't you have a leg up. But always remember that SEO strategies are not a one and done thing. No, they are a never-ending project. The truth is that if you are not constantly moving forward you are losing ground to a competitor who is moving forward. Staying on top of the game is the stuff that makes for success.

I Could Go On But I'll Wait for a While

I could talk about the need for a robust content profile or the local search optimization approach. In fact, I could even talk about how search engines are themselves competing for market share. But I'll spare you today, saving those ideas for later on. What I hope you'll keep in mind today is that SEO strategy is not optional. It is a necessary approach if you intend to sell online.

So SEO ranking is not a dead issue. It is very much alive. It is just that the scenery is constantly changing. Crucial to your online business is that you keep current and that you push harder for the organic contacts than you do for PPC contacts.