SEO Strategy: Generating Free Traffic

Today I write about seo strategies for free traffic. Many people make the choice to pay for online advertising to generate traffic to their website. Is that a good SEO strategy? In some cases, absolutely, but in many cases, not so much. What if you could develop an SEO strategy that could guarantee traffic to your website without spending a dime? I would think you'd find that interesting.
In this article, I will show you 5 seo strategies to generate free traffic to your site. Organic search results are often the most productive in terms of conversions. The truth is, you don't have to spend a nickel. What is required is a plan and patience. With the proper mindset, a robust plan and the drive to see it through to the end you'll generate more traffic than you know what to do with. It is not rocket science. While the plan is well known, the number of people with the patience to see it through are few.
I started a new website around three weeks ago. I checked yesterday for any rankings on the three major web search sites, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. After three weeks I had two keywords ranking on the first 2 pages of Yahoo. One ranked at number 2 while the other at number 22. That is one on the first page and one on the third page. Over the next few weeks, I expect to see ranking on both Google and Bing as well. The thing is, I haven't spent any money on generating traffic. I do not expect to either.

SEO Strategy 1: The Name's The Same

When doing the initial keyword search I am looking for long-tailed keywords that will generate traffic. A long-tailed keyword qualifies if it is from 2 to 8 words long, has a medium to low competition and has monthly traffic of 1,000 to 100,000 searches. I do my research using Google tools. If I can find such a set of keywords, I then search for a URL that matches exactly one of my keywords. This is not an easy task. Good long-tailed keywords are often taken as good domain names already. But it is not impossible.
Now the fun begins. The first thing I do is register that URL. I hold it in my URL inventory because I have not yet decided if it will be profitable or not. If I come to the conclusion that it will not I put that keyword URL on the market. My goal is to retrieve my cost but in some cases, there have been bidding wars and the price went up to nearly twice my cost. The point is that I will not be stuck with the URL if I no longer have a use for it.
If I decide to run with the product behind the keyword that I converted into a URL even better. I add it to my hosting package and begin to build out my website. When your URL matches a robust keyword or phrase it is like gold in the bank. That URL will rank quickly making "The Name's The Same" SEO strategy quite profitable.

SEO Strategy 2: Online eZine Marketing

I use a 28-day online eZine marketing strategy. I select seven medium to low competition long-tailed keywords (I try to vary the length from smallest to largest in the mix) and for 28 days I add one article a week for each of the seven keywords to an online eZine. Currently, I submit through Amazines. I find their policy for review and publication to be ideal. I do this religiously for four weeks, each week submitting one article per keyword and tie these two blog entries on the website. I also place three links in the body of the article. The first two links point to the blog article I am linking to. The third is in an author summary at the bottom of the post pointing to the home page of the URL I am marketing.
If the only SEO strategy you use is article marketing you will gain exposure faster than you think possible.

SEO Strategy 3: Forums, Blogs, and other Online Communities

Taking advantage of online forums, blogs and other online communities is a powerful SEO strategy. All you need do to take advantage of this strategy is to spend an hour or two a week searching for these outlets, construct a meaningful question or comment and post it. Automatically a link will be created that points back to your website. This link is called a backlink and it has a solid influence on how the search engine spider bots see your website.
Backlinks from any site matter. If you can get backlinks from highly ranked sites all the better because they have greater authority. Creating two to three backlinks that point back to your articles makes all the difference.

SEO Strategy 4: Link Exchanging

Link exchanging is another SEO Strategy that may produce results. It falls lower on my list of robust strategies because to be effective you need many such reciprocal links but they are not organic links. In fact, far from it, these are often thought of by search engine bots as paid reciprocations and, therefore, discounted by the search engine.

SEO Strategy 5: Content is KING

As you write articles and content for your website or for eZines or even for requesting link exchanges, it is always a good policy to make sure you are writing good content. By good content, I mean that your content is valuable to your reader, that it is well researched, and that it is informative. Content is King in Google's mind and because Google says so it is a fact we learn to live with.

Some Final Thoughts

Each of these five methods of driving free traffic to your website will work well for you. You will have to experiment a bit, learn all you can about these methods. Spend the hours it takes to become an expert. Do this and soon the free organic traffic will be flowing to your website generating business and revenue for you.