Web design services companies provide similar services. Not all companies provide the same services. Typical services generally include customizable template design CMS (Content Management Systems). At The Fischel Group, we prefer WordPress as our go to CMS. Along with the CMS companies also should provide SEO services so your website will be found by searchers. Security services are also a must. A way to identify where your business is located such as Google Maps also may come in handy. Some form of analytics and understanding what the analytics are telling you is good. Images, videos, and copywriting services should come into play at some time. Hosting, if you need it, should be available. In addition, monthly maintenance is a nice feature to have included.
Whether or not you engage in e-commerce, your site should be SSL certified. This is good for SEO as well as protecting data transfers with tough encryption. Some contact forms as well as forms to build a mailing list are also important to have on your site. Newsletter marketing is one of the great ways of building confidence with potential clients. Don't forget social media links, another good way to stay in touch with your visitors. You might also look for a blogging page; a great way to attract new clients. Blogs are also great for SEO. It is also wise to have a responsive web design. It is likely that more than half of your new visitors come from smartphones or tablets and not computers.

What Do You Need from Web Design Services

You need a design firm that will listen to your business goals and needs. Throw in a few wants that are outside the firm requirements of goals and needs as well. You want a company that will not oversell a web design for you. If all you need is a single page website, that is all you need pay for. If you can do what you want in three pages, great. Don't pay for more. Different businesses need different approaches. Make sure your designer knows your approach before starting a design.

Do You Have Images?

This is an important question. Pictures are part of the appeal of the internet. Including pictures of people or products are a must. The question about whether you have pictures or not could dramatically impact the price of your site. If you supply images, the question then becomes whether or not they are in the right format. It is far less expensive to scan photographs to get them into the necessary format than to have to shoot new ones. Can you use stock images? If you can, then you should expect to pay from $30 to $50 (USD) licensed for commercial use. Stock photographs are often a great choice.

What about Videos

You may wish to embed some YouTube videos in your website. Videos are a marketing tool but if they are not professionally done there is no sense in having them. They will detract from your message if they look and feel amateurish. I generally advise against the use of videos unless they are integral to your business.

What about Security

You should expect your web design services company to provide state of the art security. At The Fischel Group, we use a security system that is the state of the art today. From disguising the name of your login to your administrative panel to monitoring login attempts from outsiders, we protect your site from hackers. This does not mean that a determined hacker cannot break the firewalls we set up. After all, hackers are clever and determined people. But we use things like randomly generated 20 to 24 character passwords to ward off would be hackers. We monitor login attempts to ban known hackers from the system, and many other safety features to protect your site.
We suggest strongly that your site be protected with robust SSL. This means that your data in and out is encrypted and nearly unbreakable. We urge you to setup monitoring of your site on at least a monthly basis. We can do that for you or train you to do it yourself. But it must be done. We also suggest that your site be backed up daily on a seven-day rotation. If your site is breached, it is fully backed up for seven days. At least one of those backups will not be corrupted.

Your Web Design Services Company and You

There is an intimacy that develops between your web design services company and you. Make no mistake, it is not a one and done deal. There are updates, crashes, bugs, and changes requested. You should be ready to live with your designer for a while. Make sure he or she understands your needs and communicates that understanding. Demand excellence. It will serve you well in the long run.