WordPress Web Design Suits Us Just Fine

WordPress began life as a blogging platform. As developers began to design templates, plugins, and add-ons, the blogging site morphed into a full Content Management System. Our focus as a WordPress web design company suggests we find the platform to be perfect for small to mid-sized businesses. Here are just a few of the reasons why

WordPress Themes are Responsive

In today's world of tablets and smartphones response is vital. It is important to be able to view your website on platforms other than a desktop monitor or laptop. Responsive web design (RWD) works to find the optimal viewing of a website across all devices. Of course, this is a feature that saves expensive development time in creating a separate version for all devices. RWD also reduces the cost of maintenance as there is only one program to work on.

Working with Theme Developers

Our goal as a WordPress web design company is not to push our favorite themes on you. Quite the contrary, in order to produce an aesthetically pleasing and functional site themes matter. For this reason, we choose to fit the theme to the business rather than, as some others do, fit the business to the theme. This is an important point to consider when selecting a company to design your site. Because there are so many available themes, it makes no sense to pay to design something totally new. It pays to adjust an acceptable basic theme to your business. 

WordPress and Search Engine Optimization

Working with WordPress using robust plugins we provide the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) available today. We are constantly looking to see if there are more powerful SEO tools available so as to not relinquish our advantage in the marketplace. Next to design, SEO is the most important factor in drawing new customers to your virtual door. WordPress affords the flexibility for us to monitor SEO response across time as well. All important considerations when thinking about building your company's online presense.

WordPress and Security

Much like SEO, there are any number of WordPress plugins that claim to provide security to your website. We select from those choosing the ones that offer the greatest security options.Using these in combination assures you that your website has state of the art security. Of course, there are no guarantees that your site will be 100% secure, but if disaster hits we are on the case to solve the problem. Experience  teaches that nothing stops a motivated hacker. Our approach contains both muscular security protocols but an aggressive backup approach as well. It is unlikely that disaster, though always present, will be more than a minor setback when it does strike.

Customized Performance

WordPress web design is a powerful tool for building robust websites. Performance is a critical factor in website design. If the site does not perform you are wasting your money. We think our brief mission statement, VISION/FOCUS/ACTION, considers actionable results as an equal partner with vision and focus. Without the first two there can be no actionable results. Our goal is to make sure all three are constantly kept in the forefront of our design process. WordPress actually makes this 'easy.' we can customize sites infinitely to help them perform at high levels.

Last Words

As a WordPress web design company, we place our client at the head of the design process. By creating a working partnership with the client, the platform, and us we are able to create websites that make your business sing.