Our Newest Feature
Feature Our newest feature is the News section of our website. We use this feature to keep clients informed about our latest projects, new staff, ideas for your business, and more. We also offer a monthly newsletter we expect to start in June. This email function may include ideas from this News section as well as new articles written by members of our staff. I think you'll love both of these idea feature formats whether you decide to work with us or not.

A Feature Idea

A business needs to be recognized by potential customers. It is clear that people are visual, recognizing symbols over text. Think about the Golden Arches, I hardly need to tell you what company they represent. Is there any way you don't recognize Coca-Cola typeface in any language? No, clearly we see things that represent other things that are iconic in our lives. It is this kind of recognition that sets you apart from all of your competition. Using such iconic design throughout your entire marketing and company communications cements your image into the minds of your customers. Without ever having to read, one recognizes the iconic Mercedes Benz symbol on the trunk of a car you are following. Who doesn't know the Ferrari prancing horse icon? To incorporate such ideas into your own marketing and company communications is important to your success...PERIOD.

Adding A Feature

If you aren't using a coordinated company identification approach you are missing out on sales and new customers. It is that simple. A creative approach to your company identification and communication strategies is the core of growing your business. Who does not want to grow their business? I can think of no one I know that would pass up such an opportunity. If your communication strategy is not in place, let us show you how to develop a strategy that works, create an iconic look that resonates with your market.